Thursday, February 17, 2011

understanding meat...understood

By making review notes for understanding meat, we will try to help you integrate your class experience.
We worked with beef, duck and chicken and demonstrated classic preparations* to lay our foundation.
First we spoke about selecting meat.  We learned about the anatomy of the cow and defined what makes meat kosher.
Next we discussed storing meat and infusing flavour.  Remember, bringing your meat to room temperature before cooking makes the difference.
The cooking techniques taught, for example; roasting vs. baking, searing and braising...will take your food to a whole new level. 
Before carving, Rest. Your. Meat. Our videos (which are being posted on youtube) will remind you of the gentle touch shown.  Serving was simplified and demystified. As well, we talked about how to keep your roasted meats warm for Shabbat. And finally, preserving was illustrated with duck confit.
Through future blog entries, we will review each one of these sections and post our recipes. 
Please remember, that a recipe is a combination of techniques and methods.  It is a set of instructions to guide you through the task of preparing food and comes alive in your hands.  Awesome responsibility, isn't it? 

*recipes coming soon

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