Thursday, January 13, 2011

thoughts on our class; understanding meat

So I was asking myself how a cooking class gets born to life and what information we (the teachers) discuss to share with our students?  And last week I get it, in two ways something extra ordinary happened.   We received in the restaurant  a “prime” beef ,I will not go in to the “A” “AA” “AAA” grading of beef now (leave something to the class) but “prime” is the rolls royce of beef.   It’s fatty and marbled and full with flavor-very rare to find in the kosher industry for many reasons.   I assume that many people in the kosher circle will not pick this type of meat in the store because “it’s too fatty” but after cleaning the fat, I thought they don’t know what they are missing!   And then I realized; we are not teaching, we are sharing our passion for greatness in food.            

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