Tuesday, February 22, 2011

follow up to Denise's question about beef for stir fry

I dropped in at one of my favourite butcher shops this morning and had a very frank and open discussion about a cow's shoulder with Ilan, the butcher.
When I asked for beef for stir fry, he first showed me a london broil.  When I started to explain about the top of the (shoulder) blade, he then directed me to a minute roast which sounds exactly like our flat iron.  I asked him why it was less expensive than the london broil (which he also said comes from the shoulder) and he said it has to do with demand.  People really like the minute roast for barb-q-ing and it sells like "cakes" in the warm weather.  But just because our grills are under snow, it doesn't mean we can't be using our oven broilers.  This definitely looks like a beautiful cut of meat, with it's marbling ensuring its tenderness (as tender as a women's heart, Ilan assures me).
butterflied minute roast aka flat iron

butterflied minute roast opened up

The price on the london broil was $32.90/kg.   I definitely know that the min(ute) roast is a better cut, even though it is $31.57/kg.

From the pictures you can see I intend to use the strips for stir fry tonight and the other portion is marinating in a little wine.  I'll broil it for another dinner this week, slice it thinly and probably serve it on top of quinoa or mashed potatoes.  If there's any left, I know it will be a hit in the lunch box.

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